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I am the founder of a corporation called Professor of Boxing Photography,® Inc. I have been taking both professional and amateur boxing pictures for over twenty-five years. This venture started as a hobby many years ago taking amateur boxing pictures as a favor for a number of amateur boxers, and then professional boxers. The hobby then turned into a business and I incorporated in 2003.

Currently, I am the principal photographer for USA Boxing Metro in New York, following the preliminaries to the finals at Madison Square Garden. I also take pictures for boxing promoters and professional boxers.

For amateur boxing, I will take “body shots” pictures of you, from the waist up. This is my signature picture for the past twenty-five years. This type of picture makes you stand out and looks great. It is also the same type of picture that Sylvester Stallone used in his Creed movies.

At the end of your bout, I will take the “promo” picture of you, with your arms raised in victory with the referee.

Because you are dealing with a corporation that has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, everything is guaranteed.

Twenty-five years from now, when your family or friends asks to see a picture of you when you were a boxer, are you still going to have the file picture on your cell phone or computer? Or, are you going to have a professional 8 X 10 print framed in your home. I can make those prints for you and, they will be professional quality.

People ask me, how did you come up with the corporate name? Taking boxing pictures is not what I do on a full-time basis. I am a Professor of Economics in three colleges. Hence the corporate name. Currently I am  working on a book “The Economics of Boxing.” It is not a textbook, but rather a book that anyone that is interested in boxing and how the economy affects the industry will benefit from reading.

Good luck to all in the Sweetscience.

Sal Acquista

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