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Professor of Boxing Photography, Sal Acquista, is the principal photographer for USA Boxing Metro, and follows the Golden Gloves schedule from the preliminaries to the finals at The Barkley Center, in addition to following the circuit for amateur boxing for the remainder of the year. Professional boxing photographs are also taken for a variety of promoters and professional boxers.

I will take detailed action pictures of:
  • (a) Both you and your opponent in action.
  • (b) Isolating you in action.
  • (c) A promotional picture of you at the end of your bout.
You are dealing with a corporation that has a A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (see the BBB rating below)

The founder of Professor of Boxing Photography specializes in boxing only and has been taking both professional and amateur boxing pictures for 20 years.

The name of the corporation originated from the fact that the founder of the company is a Professor of Economics in three colleges in the New York area is currently writing a book: “The Economics of Boxing” (The book is not a college textbook but rather a book about how boxing has an effect on the economy. Publication pending beginning of 2017).

Professor of Boxing Photography, Inc. BBB Business Review